Important Dates

2021 State Tournament
Saturday, May 1, 2021

Source Code

Developed by Michigan Science Olympiad, Source Code is a programming event that challenges students to solve problems by reading and writing code. This is an excellent opportunity for students to explore the vast field of computer science and learn skills that are currently used in many technology related industries. Division C sessions will be held and are open to all participating teams. Event rules and resources are available below:

Source Code FAQ:

    Q: How many teams am I allowed to have compete in Source Code?

    A: For Division C, this is offered as a trial, each Division C school is allowed to have 2 teams compete in Source Code. One team will be the "primary" team with students from the main team (so they have wristbands), and the other team will be the "alternate" team which can be made up of students from the main team (with a wristband) or the alternate students (no wristband). The students must be signed up for the school team, though.

    Q: Will there be awards for Source Code (Division C)?

    A: Yes!  Both primary and alternate teams can win an award.

    Q: I didn't self schedule for Source Code but I actually want my team to compete. Can I still have them show up?

    A: Absolutely! We want as many teams as we can to participate in the trial event. Just show up for any of the slot times and if there is room, we'd be happy to have you compete.