Sounds of Music (Instrument demonstration) -Trial

Some teams may have built an instrument and wish to demonstrate it, but this change was made too late to incorporate it into the rules for the main event.  So, Sounds of Music will run as test only for the 'main' tournament event.  Instruments can be demonstrated as a Trial event.


Teams build and showcase 1 instrument.  Keep it simple!

Video submissions will open as soon as teams receive their team numbers.  Submissions will close at midnight, Monday, May 3.

All submissions must be in MP4 format.  You can use any recording device.  MP4 converters are available for free online.

Points will be given for Log Score (10), Pitch Score (36), Song Score (9) and Bonus Score (5).

In this case, the Log will be presented verbally.


Start recording.


  • State your team name and number.
  • Briefly describe what your instrument is.
  • Describe what it is made out of.
  • How does it produce sound?
  • How is it tuned?
  • How does it produce different pitches.


  • State the pitch you are testing (A, B flat etc.).
  • Play that note for 3-5 seconds.  Make sure the recording device is close enough to get a decent volume.


  • Play "Twinkle Twinkle" as per the rules, 4 bars, once through.


  • Pick a second pitch, name the that pitch.
  • Play and record 3-5 seconds.

Submit (or questions) to:

If your recording doesn't work, I will contact you for resubmission!