Mission Possible (B)

This is the only truely 'self-scheduled' event in the whole tournament.  As soon as possible, please go here: Mission Possible Signup  Select a competition time, and you will join a Google Meet at your selected time to demonstrate your device.

Notes from the supervisor:

-I would like ASL lists from the teams by Noon the Friday before state. This gives me time to go over them, and to print them all so I have a hard copy for Saturday. Email them to mr.gerbernhs@gmail.com Please put your School Name and Team number in the subject line.

-Since this is a State Level tournament, the students need to be sure that their ASL follows the format found on the National Website. This format can be found here:https://www.soinc.org/mission-possible-b

-Target time will be given when the students log into the Google meet the day of the event.

-We will not be judging the size bonus. Since we are remote, and there is no way for me to measure this, we will not be judging it.  This has been the standard all season.