Gravity Vehicle (C)

Teams/Students will compete on their own and record the event prior to tournament day.  I recommend running/recording the event between 3pm on Wednesday April 28 and 2pm on Saturday May 1st (Eastern Daylight Savings Time). This should provide the Tournament time to correct any transmission issues, but earlier is better, do not wait until the last minute as the Tournament Support Team may be fast asleep.  To ensure teams do not start before the agreed time, we will post the official “Target Distance” on April 28th @ 3pm EDST.

Prepare a video demonstrating your run and upload your video to YouTube. The video should include a “vehicle impound session” where you can demonstrate that your vehicle and ramp do not violate the construction parameters in section 3.  In particular, demonstrate the mass of the vehicle does not exceed 2kg with an appropriate balance or scale (rule 3c).  Measure the size of the entire apparatus (ramp and vehicle) with an appropriate scale/rule as described in rule 3f.   As time is not a variable in this event (and will not affect the total score), the wooden dowel detailed in section 3.d. does not need to extend at least 20cm above the floor, however it must extend to within 1cm of the floor (to align with the Start Point and determine the Vehicle Distance from the Target Point). 

At the end of each run(after the vehicle comes to a complete stop), the team is responsible to measure the Vehicle Distance as described in the competition parameters, show the actual measurement on the tape-measure/ruler, and say it out loud so I can hear you on the video! Remember, you must be my eyes and ears throughout the competition. If you pick-up your vehicle before you perform the measurement or do not show/tell me the outcome, I will be forced to declare the run as a “failed run”. I would hate to see all your hard work go down the “failed” tube!  As described in the rules, the combined time allowed for up to three runs is 10 minutes - your video may be longer than 10 minutes as it also has to demonstrate construction parameters, but the run time must fall within a ten minute continuous interval.

Please note - this is intended to reflect the experience you would have at a normal tournament.  If your run fails, that is part of the competition (and yes, we know it is painful).  The video submission must be a single video, continuously shot with no editing.  As stated in the rules, you have 10 minutes to set up and perform up to 3 runs. You are not allowed to do 'multiple takes' to get a good run - this is unethical.

Upload your video to YouTube (categorize it as 'unlisted', not 'private'), and send the direct link to the tournament director [].   Convert an image of your Practice logs to PDF format (only PDF format will be accepted), with the naming convention :  Gravity_TeamName_Team# .  Send this file to the tournament director [].  (pay close attention to the practice log requirements detailed in section 4.a.).  To repeat, two items of information - a link to your video, and a PDF formatted version of your practice log, both to the same e-mail address, and preferably in a single e-mail message.

Unless you tell us otherwise, the tournament director may post a listing of the videos so that other teams (and the general public) may view your runs - but this file will only be published after the 2pm Saturday deadline.  We encourage you to watch the videos of your competition!

 Good luck to all!