Division C Experimental Design

Please assemble the following common household items prior to competition. 

Tentative Materials list for Division C Experimental Design


2021 State Competition

Note:  This is a tentative list.  Most, but not all items will be included in the final materials list.  These materials must be assembled prior to the competition and be available on tournament day.

Newspaper - minimum 5 sheets
Shoe box
Masking tape
Magnifying glass
Screwdriver - flat blade
Rubber bands - minimum 5
5 - 355ml soda pop cans
Fishing line - light weight
Stick on labels
Permanent markers
Assortment of small nails having different diameters between 1- 10 mm, minimum of 5
   Note, the small nails (AKA wire nails) are often found as part of a kit for hanging pictures, can find them at a Dollar Store or Meijer (or any big box store)
Heat duct tape
Five gallon bucket 
Water source 
Paper towels
Garbage bags
Paper clips
Straws - minimum 20