Division B Experimental Design

Please assemble the following common household items before competition:


Tentative materials list for Division B Experimental Design  - State Tournament 2021

Note:  This is a tentative list.  Most, but not all items will be included in the final materials list.  These materials must be assembled prior to the competition and be available on tournament day.

10 paper clips
Permanent marker
Tape measurer
Aluminum foil - minmum 50 cm.
Masking tape
Tissue paper - minimum 3 sheets
Paper towels - roll
Paper napkins - minimum 5
Computer paper - minimum 5 sheets
Paper plates - minimum 5
8 ounce plastic drinking cups - 5
3 ounce paper drinking cups - 5
1 plastic garbage bag
Kite string or equivalent
Newspaper - 10 pages
10 rubber bands
10 gummy bears
10 marbles