Detector Building

Updates from the supervisors.  Note there is no 'build' but students should design a device on paper:


Since the students will not actually be building a device this year, they should do a “paper” design instead, and that information will be asked about on the test just as if they had actually built the device.

The test will also include the other nominal materials per the Event Description.

This design should cover the same items as the real design:

  • Sensor selection - what, why, specifications and so on.
  • How they plan to excite the sensor, and how they will read it?
  • How will they build and calibrate it.
  • Microprocessor selection - specific type, model, and specifications (relevant to the detector)
  • Computer pseudo code to read, convert, and display the temperature and control the LEDs.
  •     Does not need to be actual C or Basic code, but it should work properly as pseudo code.
  •     No need to present any code legal to use from an existing library.