Aerial Scramble

Aerial Scramble Event Information

1. Teams will be given One (1) unopened Guillow's Balsa Wood Flying Machine Kit for build and competition; 

2. Plane mass should be more than 12.0 g and less than 18.0 g, including propeller but excluding launch gear and rubber (revised from the rule); 

3. Logbook must have 4 tasks or parameters used in model construction or test flight prior to the competition. Incomplete logbook will receive 10% deduction from their final score; and 30% deduction without logbook.

4. Teams without First-Aid kit will have 10% deduction of their final score; Teams without cutting board / wax paper in their tool kit will receive 20% deduction of their final score;

5. Teams have construction violation will be ranked as Tier 2.

6. Teams are allowed to bring their own rubber motors and winder, or use the thick rubbers from the kit and winding by hand.