Event Information & Rules Clarifications

The Michigan Science Olympiad State Tournament will adhere to the National Code of Ethics and General RulesRules Clarifications, and FAQs.

More clarifications may be added to this page as the date of the tournament approaches. All events will follow FAQ’s and rules clarifications posted to the National Science Olympiad website as of April 3rd, 2020.

For event information about specifically the Michigan State Science Olympiad Tournament, please visit this page

Event Posted Updated
 Aerial Scramble  10/7/19  2/4/20
 Codebusters  10/7/19   11/25/19
 Fossils  10/7/19  11/25/19
 Ornithology  10/7/19  10/14/19
 Protein Modeling  10/14/19  10/14/19
 Mission Possible  11/4/19  11/4/19
 Mousetrap Vehicle  11/4/19  11/4/19
 Ping Pong Parachute  11/4/19  11/4/19
 Anatomy & Physiology  11/25/19  11/25/19