Event Information & Rules Clarifications

The Michigan Science Olympiad State Tournament will adhere to the National Code of Ethics and General RulesRules Clarifications, and FAQs.

More clarifications may be added to this page as the date of the tournament approaches. All events will follow FAQ’s and rules clarifications posted to the National Science Olympiad website as of April 3rd, 2021, as well as can be accomodated in the online environment.  Note that event supervisors may have provided additional rules and procedures.  Unless otherwise stated, all testing events with a build, device, or laboratory component will be test only.

A general rule clarification for online competition:

We assume, and expect, that students, coaches, and event supervisors will adhere to high ethical standards.  With that in mind, note that the online competition environment offers opportunities for 'research' during testing events.  Please remind your students that they are limited to their notes as described in the event rules, and that external resources are not permitted.  We'd hate to disqualify a team for an avoidable mistake.

Because each school (and each family) will have different guidelines on in-person gatherings and use of school facilities, the Board of Directors has agreed that _how_ your students compete is up to the discretion of the coach.  Students may compete individually in their homes with a chat or phone line open to their partner.  They could meet (in pairs only) at some suitable location with adequate internet access such as a library.  Or, if your school permits, they may compete in a classroom in your building.  If you do this, we'd suggest multiple classrooms, each running one event.  Please consult with your building administrators, obtain their permission, and follow their guidance for physical distancing and other requirements.

Scilympiad tracks student's 'time out of browser'.  We have learned through experience with regional tournaments that there are valid reasons for students leaving the tournament browser.  Event supervisors will be counseled that this is not necessarily evidence of cheating, and to be generous with their interpretations.  An excessive amount of 'time out of the browser' may result in a warning from the supervisor, who may then consult with the arbitration team to determine if further action is necessary.  Again, please emphasize to your team that this is intended to be a test of their knowledge and preparation, and that cheating is grounds for disqualification.