Important Dates

2021 State Tournament
Saturday, May 1, 2021


Science Olympiad is a middle school (Division B) and high school (Division C) team competition in which students compete in events pertaining to many scientific disciplines, including engineering, chemistry, biology, earth science, and physics. This website pertains specificially to the Michigan State Science Olympiad Tournament, which is held annually at Michigan State University. The first and second place teams of each division at the State Tournament will advance to the National Tournament.

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Fun Fact!

The first ever National Science Olympiad Tournament was held at Michigan State University in 1985.

Science Olympiad Alumni Testimonials

I was a part of Science Olympiad from 4th grade until I graduated high school. Science Olympiad was the most helpful and productive activity I could have possibly done during those years. Because of the friendships I gained, the problem-solving and teamwork skills I developed, and all the interest in and preparation for a career in science and math, competing in Science Olympiad was awesome. In my nine years of competition, I can say that Science Olympiad is much more that just another extra-curricular activity to me. It gave me some of the greatest experiences I have ever had while feeding my curiosity more than a standard education ever could.

     Sophomore Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
     Software Engineer (Summer Intern) Altair Engineering

Science Olympiad is an opportunity to excel outside the classroom with non-standard learning and real projects that give you subject-matter expertise in a myriad of topics that you can't get anywhere else.

     Systems Engineer
     Texas Insruments