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2020 State Tournament CANCELLED

Regrettably, the state board voted to cancel the Michigan Science Olympiad State Tournament. The National Tournament has been cancelled. Many Regional tournaments have been cancelled. The 2020 events and rules will be used for the 2021 tournaments. Please inform your teams. Below is a statement from National Science Olympiad that we will post on our websites and social media.

“The Science Olympiad National Executive Board has recommended that all Science Olympiad Division B and C qualifying tournaments on a forward-going basis be cancelled and will support any state’s decision to halt the 2019-2020 season. We do realize that different parts of the country are experiencing the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation disproportionately, but in this instance, we feel that supporting each other and showing solidarity to those students who are affected is important. Health and safety come first.”

None of us wanted the season to end this way but for the safety of all, this is the only recourse.

Thank you and I hope you will all be in the game next year.


Important Dates

2020 State Tournament
Saturday, April 25, 2020

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